1 Year!!! Thank You!

Just a BIG thank you to everyone over this past year!  Starting a business is a scary and challenging endeavor.  Shirts seem easy but when you want to make something that you are proud of you find yourself going over every detail and we learned quickly how difficult the shirt business is.  Details from the materials you will use, the textures of your print process, the feel and cut of a garment, the minimum orders for a startup in outsourcing & subsequent cost of this, the machinery needed, and the process of building a brand and selling it.  Logo, trademarking, website, design, advertisement, and distribution...  Lots of lessons learned this past year!

We are blessed to have such good friends who support GO Forever, and you will never know how much your support has impacted and driven us.  We constantly talk about you all in high regard!  Our military roots have been pivotal in our Year 1 success and we love you all!

We have more products coming in our second year as we fine-tune GOForever and continue to learn and cautiously grow.  We believe this logo, the people who wear it and the spirit of "How Far Will You GO" can make GO Forever Apparel something special.  You all are the reason we believe and have seen such a good first year.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Again, thank you all!  

- Mike & Justin