About us


To start, let me say that I don’t really know how an “About Us” section is supposed to work.  I’ve never actually read one.  Am I supposed to write in third person? That’s too weird, so I won’t do it.  The only reason I’m even doing this is because Mike is making me. 

Mike and I are best friends.  Mike is the closest I’ll ever come to having a brother, and I couldn’t be more thankful for our friendship.  What’s that got to do with apparel? Not much, actually!  But there are only so many things I can tell you about shirts and hoodies, and most of it is stuff you probably know already. 
The quick rundown of our history as friends goes like this: We met in 2002 when I got to Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson and became friends, then we bounced around separately for a few years and reconnected in 2009 and have been a constant presence in each other’s lives since. 
GO Forever Apparel™ came to be in December of 2015 when another venture (and a story for another day) came to an end.  We were discussing our options moving forward and in a weird moment of inspiration the GO Forever Apparel™ logo was born.
We started discussing cool things we could do with it and how it would look great on a shirt when Mike blurted out, “Are we a clothing line?” It felt right, so we were a clothing line.  What you see now started that night as two friends sketching out a logo and starting to dream.

GO Forever Apparel™ isn’t JUST a clothing brand.  We want to be a lifestyle brand! Clothing that mixes comfort with conscience, activity with activism, and performance with passion.  Our desire is to grow into a brand that is shaped by our love of adventure and our involvement in the world.  We want to develop a strong social media presence and celebrate the everyday adventurer in all of us.  Life is too short to spend it sitting on our tails and watching it pass by.  If we can encourage people to go out and experience life, then we’ve become more than just some dudes making t-shirts!

The thing we kept coming back to as we brainstormed this idea for our company was: How can we do good with this? How can we make a difference?  I think we’ve all stared into the void and felt helpless to change things. We’ve felt like our contribution will never make a mark.  That we can never do “enough”.  Our belief is that we can do more together than we can as individuals.  That’s why the charitable aspect of our company is so important to us.  The more we sell, the more we can give.  When you purchase a product from GO Forever Apparel™ you are contributing to things that matter.  We donate a portion of all of our profits to charities that we are passionate about.  Charities that work in the areas of veteran support, Autism research and wildlife conservation (you can learn more about these charities on our “Charities We Support” link).  It’s not just lip service to say that we want you to feel invested in what we are doing!  Without you, we couldn’t do any of it!!! 

Mike and I never really intended for GO Forever Apparel™ to be “About Us”.  We want nothing more for it to be a brand and an idea that inspires you to realize that you are far stronger and more full of life than you know.  That what you do inspires others to reach their full potential.  We just want to be a part of your journey.  This might seem like some lofty stuff for a couple of guys making t-shirts, but it’s in our DNA to dream big.  We believe we have the potential to leave our mark on this world… Forever. 

How Far Will You Go,

Justin Howard
GO Forever Apparel™